Product Care

A new bed is an investment in yourself and your health.
Take care of it correctly and it will take care of you and your back, providing quality sleep, and rest for many years to come.

Always use a good quality mattress protector to protect your investment. This keeps the mattress clean and dust-free. We recommend the Protectabed range of Mattress Protectors.

Mattress Warehouse recommends turning your mattress every two weeks for the first two months. Lie in the middle of the bed often. This helps to settle the mattress. After two months turn the mattress monthly to two monthly. Every mattress will gain some body impressions but by doing the above it will help to minimise any body impressions and help to equalise wear.

Follow the warranty care sheet if provided, for further specialist instructions.

For best performance, our mattresses are designed to be used in conjunction with a matching base as part of a total sleep solution. It is advisable to replace your base when buying a new mattress. The base supports the entire mattress and must be firm and supportive. If your new mattress is placed on any base that dips down the warranty may be void. This is not a manufacturing fault.

Air your bed periodically by leaving bed linen off for several hours. This will allow condensation caused by body heat to evaporate.

Vacuum your bed regularly.

Do not bend or jump on your mattress. This may cause damage to the internal construction of your mattress.