Buying Guide

No one size fits all. Everyone has different requirements and needs when it comes to choosing the right bed.

When deciding on purchasing a new bed, a few considerations should be taken into account.
It is important to consider the size of the room, the needs of the household and family, not just now but a few years beyond.

Single Beds
Single beds provide enough sleeping space for one person. A single is compact and well suited for children’s bedrooms and apartment and studio living.

If you have growing children, keep in mind that as they get taller, a single or double may not give them the room they need to sleep well. A King Single or Queen may be a better alternative to give them extra space to grow into comfortably and provide them with the quality sleep they need.

King Single Beds
King Single beds are perfect for growing children, teens and adults. The King Single is wider and longer than a single.

Double Beds
Double beds are ideal for teens and adults. It is also a great option for uni students where room space can be a problem.

Queen Size Beds
Queen Size beds are our most popular mattress size. For the best nights sleep we recommend couples sleep in at least a Queen or a King. This provides more space if required and a better nights sleep.

King Size Beds
King Size beds are best for individuals and couples requiring extra room for optimal and undisturbed sleep.

Super King and California King
Super King and California King are ideal for those who really like to stretch out.
They also provide that extra space for children and pets that sneak in occasionally.

All King, Super King and California King size beds come with a split base. This is two pieces which make it easier to move around your home and to help get up stairs more easily.